Dear Boy: Mike D

My boyfriend broke up with me, and now every time we pass in the halls he ducks down like I am going to yell at him or hit him. Why does he do this? Rachael

First off, remember that he broke up with you. And he is going through considerable guilt that he hurt you. At the same time he is ducking so he'll appear to be the victim and you'll feel bad for him.

My mom was a well-dressed, popular boy-magnet In high school. I am a punked-out loner boy-repellent. I get the feeling she's disappointed in me. To top that off, my dad thinks I am unfeminine. Help! Searching for my real parents

By age 14 I had orange hair and a safety pin in my ear and everyone thought I was a freak, but I had found music and friends who meant more to me than the accepted norm amongst kids in school. There's no need to conform to the preconceptions of your parents. You obviously have got it going on, so as you achieve stuff on your own terms, your parents might come around to respect you.

I've been going out with my boyfriend for about six months. We recently had sex for the first time, and at the height of passion he screamed out, "Ow, Mom, don't hit me." Then he acted as though nothing had happened. I don't know if I should be alarmed. Help. Concerned first-timer

If you are uncomfortable with this behavior, you need to talk with your boyfriend in a sensitive way. If you feel unequipped to help him, seek the experience and guidance of a counselor. It's important to communicate with your partner about sex, and anything that might seem strange about it.

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