Put It On

- words by richard
- pictures by Sassy

the "Pair Look"

According to Mary, "In Japan, friendship is often signified by dressing alike, a concept known as 'pair look'." Well if my memory serves me right, I recall that in the La Canada High School yearbook there is this picture of devin saylor, debi dibias, and claire fehrenbacher (harpies of the social scene) all wearing the same snowflake sweater. believe me, it turns my stomach to even remember it. Likewise, I am often freaked out by the number of straight couples who decide to dress exactly the same, and actually go out like that. And to top it all off, these are usually the same people who violate my senses by doing that thing where the girl puts her hand in the boyfriend's back pocket, something which i find completely repulsive....yet, strangely compelling. Anyways, i wonder how it is that the japanese are so able to adopt america's worst traits and make them like a million times more appealing?

Brave Model Lila

Here's a rather famous teenage model, name of Lila. The thing that completely shocks me is that she actually had the guts to cut open the neck of that cashmere sweater she's wearing . Bravery like this puts her on my superkool list. As for myself, i'd be all worried that it'd unravel once i cut it and that i'd ruin it, and what if it looked dorky PLUS i ruined it, etc.
Also, I once saw her walking down St.Marks by herself at like 2AM, and she's only a child!

If I were a girl,.....

If I were a girl, I'd wear x-girl all the time. But as nature is my boss, I wear it only occasionally. There is nothing more thrilling for a skinny gay boy than trying on x-girl clothes in that tiny east village XL, and fitting the childs size XL perfectly, as these girls try to squish their boobs into the same shirt. Actually, I wont be able to wear it for long though cause my newyears resolution was to get muscles and find a boyfriend.

how kool is this fleece apron?

Words cannot say how kool this fleece apron, made by Jacinta at sassy herself, is. That's all I have to say.

Foxy Anna Sui

These Anna Sui little fox looks are particualrly endearing to me, mainly cause i like saying the words "fox" and "foxy". Like in that episode of Square Pegs where LaDonna says "Girl, larry simpson is a stone FOX!" but i digress. Anna Sui is such a nice chinese girl i think. so much so, that last year you could find me running around NYC telling people i was her brother.

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