Family man Ken!'s ken! Ken is a little blair pet we keep around for good luck. No, actually he helped me (richard) get started by doing a little video work for us when we were first getting our shit together. (and look how far we've come!!! :p) Then we'd use my computer at work to download all the gay porn off Shortly thereafter i was fired!

That's a picture of ken with my little cousin over christmas. isnt he the cutest gay uncle? i had actually planned on putting a different picture of ken here, but he insisted on doing the NAMBLA angle. And you wonder why he's still single?

During that same christmas, i was to discover that ken was a major schmoozer with my parents and spent 3 straight hours doing Power Karaoke duets with them! You should hear my mom and ken duet "are you lonesome tonight"! Call Geffen, we got a hit!

For a picture of ken nude, or sleeping in his underwear send mail to ken-fanclub@blair!

psst! here's a secret about ken.