uh oh! where did you go wrong! this one was the cinchy eurotrash freebie!

richard: this guy is actually really cute. he's got my #1 favorite fetish feature, see-thru eyebrows! but you know...those damn OP-brand shorts are sooo foreign. PLEASE! o.p. died the day people in my elementary school started the rumor it stood for "Open Pussy"! and he's SMOKING! that's like the #1 european pasttime! he's EUROTRASH! cute eurotrash though.

bryan: see-thru eyebrows richard? something is wrong with you. PLUS i thought your fetsih was SpeedStick... by mennen. anyhow, those shorts do seem a bit high in the crotch. i'll say trash all the way.

marcel: hihi.. he's smoking a fat one.. and he must be in pain.. his balls must be strangled in that 100 year old OP short..

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