surprise! it's a fratboy

oh. this was a bit of a trick question... he's neither gay nor euro! he's just plain dopey joe fratboy!

bryan: hands on your hips, thumbs facing backwards equals straight or butch. thumbs facing forward equals definite fag. duh! he's thumbs back. so straight up, dude.

richard: oohh! FRATBOY. ive been in a lot of frathouses, and he is like KING fratboy i'm sure. now the question or no? well, all that male bonding can totally screw up your sense of gayness, but my guess here is NO. one reason is cause i dont think any gay guy would wear that 3 seasons ago j.crew patchwork madras, and another is the shoes. wearing those timberlands with no socks equals STINK-o-RAMA, and you know...stinky feet is more of a straight guy thing. p.u.!

marcel: FRAT: sounds like Fret... but he's not.. hehe.. nice shorts and why do flikkers (*dutch for "fag") always have that same hairdo? all short and shit? dude.. only you blair (*marcel's nickname for richard) have long hair.. damn.. you must be getting all the chaps... back to the Frat.. his shirt is cool.. but if he was real stud he wouldn't have had a white t-shirt underneath it.. he would have just shown his hairy chest...

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