american fag(s)

no way! he's so american!! it's SO obvo.

richard: ooh, ok! this guy is like so conscious of his looks. he works out and shit! and his hair has never touched pert plus. equals gay! i actually think the guy behind him is his bf, and they are doing that annoying thing wear couples wear the same outfit. the austere color combo is tres american, and the low riding white socks are gay. put them together and youve got gay american. so there.

bryan: yeah, they are SO perry ellis america. do they even make that shit anymore? hello! wake up and smell the tommy.. aka homeboy's choice?

marcel: Looks like arnie.. all buffed and shit.. but.. nice shirt and shorts.. nice shoes.. his sox are a little bit on the short side.. but that's cool.. I can live with that.. and damn.. that hairdo again

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