apparently only richard sought fit to even TRY to catagorize this guy. everyone else just called him a loser and left it at that.

richard: oh gosh...it's the shorts. see, i dont think too many european guys are into plaid shorts in the way us new world gay kids are... i dunno, i guess it's cuz we manage the GAP. uhm...but he looks SO euro. i'm gonna go out on a limb and say gay EURO. what! there is TOO such a thing!

marcel: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah yeaaaaaaah! The best looser of em all.. damn dude.. he's wearing my type of boxers as shorts!!!!!!!! what a fool.. and look at his Nike Jeruzalem.. fucking slippers.. if there's one thing I hate than it be slippers.. damndoo.. kick him out of the team!!!

bryan: this boy needs to eat more. look at his legs! the fact that they support the rest of his body defies the laws of physics. PLUS check out his bad teenage moustache. maybe he'll look better after puberty.

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