wanna date?

yeah way... duh he's gay. is he ever!

richard: this guy is totally cruisisng me! someone tell me i'm right! well, he's got perfect hair today doesnt he?! and the tight ribbed t-shirt is a big big clue! and to top it off, he's got those plaid boxers poppin out ever-so-seductively. geez! not only is this guy a gay local, but i think he's actually workin' tricks! hehehe.

marcel: hahahahahahaha.. what a flikker!!!! (wow.. I can say that and it's even true) wait.. this is what the dude is doing.. he's looking at all the other flikkers from behind his glasses and he's getting a stiffy.. that's why he's having his hands before his crotch.. trying to hide it... the fool!

bryan: two words: international male.

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