robot dancing rules!
by bryan

in seventh grade, i was wearing bugle boy parachute pants and was way into breakdancing. i think i once said, "man i hope breakdancing never goes out of style."
well in way i guess my wish has come true... at least with robot dancing, which is richard's "new thing".

we've decided that robot dancing is coming back in a big way.

for example:
we went to the jingle belles christmas pageant which is basically a holiday revue staring famous drag queens, lady bunny, varla jean merman, and sherry vine a.k.a. sherry vinestein. anyway the big highlight of the show was this soultrain-like dance off with a strobe light, in which each gal took a turn bustin' out her best moves. sherry did this fresh-ass robot dance and the crowd went insane! ...well at least me and richard did, but that may have been due to the several free cocktails we scrounged up courtesy of dewar's.

still, we both saw the future that night, and after the show richard started acting like a robot for the better part of the evening. believe it or not, he's actually pretty good at it which may be due to the fact that he can totally remove all expression from his face and make you really believe that he's actually a lifeless machine!

soon afterwards we rented the hit movie, breakin', which is actually quite good! not as good an inspiration as seeing the incredible drag sensation sherry vine, but still ok!

the art of robotica revealed!
with yr host, the gayest robot in the universe, C3PO!