welcome to lesbian or german lady
with yr spokesmodel, martina.

--by bryan

*blair geography

i've always had a soft spot for lesbians ever since maude. then in college, my boss tatiana was a member in good standing of dykes on bikes... anyway keeping in the spirit of promoting homosexuality among america's youth, we decided to give equal time to the ladies of sodom.

and due to popular demand, we thought it'd be a good idea to expand the gay or eurotrash game... this time with a bevy of teutonic babes for your viewing pleasure...

using a two pronged approach learned from watching too many mutual of omaha wild kingdoms, richard took to the camera and i armed myself with the camcorder, in an wild country safari stakeout at Liberty Island (aka "the new Lesbos").

maybe it's just me but i think that lesbians are much harder to spot than your average homo boy. i don't know why... they're just harder. so set your gaydar to extra sensitive cuz this test is extra advanced.

lez play!