you agreed with richard, but that's about it. so you get minus one point. sorry. (still.. i think you and i are right. --richard)

richard: fanny pack PLUS backpack?! that means the buttgear is for actual showy non-storage purposes. eeek! as far as lesbiosity goes, she has the hair down, but what about the rest of the picture??? hmm.. im gonna have to say german lady - who else would wear a red white and blue ensemble to the statue of liberty?

heather: Wow, the frontal fanny pack, the stance, if it wasn't for the boring white American tennis shoes I would say she was not only a sporty dyke but also a German Lady. I just need to say i don't know how i feel about this "cop a feel" bullshit. But Bryan and Richard are fairly nice so I guess i can trust them and just play along.

bryan: oh c'mon heather... let's not perpetuate the stereotype of lesbians not having a sense of humor ok? this article is all about not having a sense of style... oops! excuse me... rather a different sense of style. i thought i was gonna save the ellen degeneres reference for later, but you have to admit the similarities are striking... lesbian.

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