verdict: german lady. you missed.

richard: hola! my name is aranchxa sanchez-vicario! built like a mack truck, and in a dainty summer dress, too tough for any man, she's a full-blown lesbo! from spain. which in this case equals german. close enough.

bryan: if we're gonna talk tennis players, i think she's way more gabriella than arancha. just cuz you're big, athletic looking, and "german" doesn't mean you can't be feminine. if gabby can do it, this gal can too!

heather: She is pretty serious looking maybe even Austrian. The dress is so femmy and that long hair in back. Most likely a straight, smart German lady, carrying a bag too delicate for her nice broad shoulders. Facially she resembles my German childhood friend sandy stefan, the toughest skateboard girl in my neighborhood who could have made a great dyke but alas the dress and the hand on the hip. I mean bryan and richard I'm getting a little confused because I would wear that dress (possibly in a more form fitting style) but maybe that's why no one ever guesses all of my sexual leanings.

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