NO WAY.. not a dyke.

heather: German lady on the go, wearing pink and funky glasses for a woman of her ilk. I think she is probably from Dusseldorf because they have this one church there that I remnember from my very international year abroad that is that same shade of pink. Most importanly she is member of the international without borders redhead nation. In some regions this very trait can brand you as a lesbian or at least allow you to get into a good gay club without getting dirty looks. I don't know what it is but there are a lot of redheaded lesbians that have a hard time with the more traditional dyky looks but somehow pass anyway. I do have a lot of theories on this.

richard: she LOOKS meek, but check out the SCAR across her cheek!!! dont mess with this psychotic masterpiece. too mentally unstable for lesbiandom, and unsound for international travel, this lady is undoubtedly someone's mom right here in the US. hi!

bryan: someone's mom huh? lesbians can be moms too... there is too such a thing. she actually looks sorta like my highschool english teacher, who actually allowed one of the kids to do a rap of the canterbury tales as a final project.

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