wrong. she's a lesbian.

richard: this look screams VASSAR. granola footwear, and an outfit reminiscent of a casual "goth" look. she's all about alternative lifestyles. LESBO.

heather: Lesbian American wearing those round sunglasses again but they are coupled with that haircut and shoes. Birkenstocks do not go with that long skirt I mean they go with nothing. She has such a pained look on her face, I wonder what's going on.. They are from Germany though, I think, I think my friend Jennifer who I had a crush on went to the outlet in Germany or something, and that did not quench my burning desire for her but there are many new options in comfortable and sturdy footwear now. Like my mom she loves those airsole shoes that are quite popular at TJ maxx. They are flexible, light, comfortable, and look better than birkestocks. They can also help prevent people from branding you as anything. Just ask my mother.

bryan: i just have to make a minor correction, i don't think her shoes are actually birkenstocks. they're more like those timberland rip-offs of the also ugly teva sandals. in any case they really have no business with that skirt. since to the best of my knowlege, mindy cohn is not a lesbian, i'll have to say german lady.

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