lesbian blader

richard: ok 1st of all, this lady almost skated over to kill me when she spotted me doing her glamorous undercover photoshoot, but anyhow the harsh annie lennox hairdo, fiery attitude, and P.E. instructor-like attention to fitness say only one thing.. DYKE.

bryan: yeah, i think this lady could kick major ass if she had a mind to... sorta like susan powter probably could. that susan, she's a lesbo right? oh wait i remember her talking about her new husband once... anyway she's not fooling anyone, except maybe herself.

heather: American lesbian with nice strong legs. A different kind of redhead than our early example and yours truly. Is that fanny pack a defense mechanism for her roller blading accidents?? She probably has a serious long term relationship and shares a summer home with friends somewhere that I've never been.

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