Ultra Blue

Ultra Blue was my first experience with hardcore hair dying. It's the stuff that comes in the light blue box with the plastic blonde from the 1970's on the front. Almost enough to put Pamela Anderson Lee to shame. On the inside the instructions say, "Do blondes really have more fun? In a moment you'll find out!" It's a total self-hate kit for brunettes. Ultra Blue is a hair stripper, which means that it removes the color from your dark hair. The first time I used it my hair turned dark orange and was patchy in certain areas. The next day I had my mom do a touch up job and my hair was light orange. My sister referred to me as "the orangutan." She may even at one point have called me Mr. Smith, after that short lived tv show about the orangutan who can talk and is smarter than the average human. It was ok though, because I had only lightened my hair for Manic Panic.

The second time I used Ultra Blue I had every intention of going blonde. No stopping at the orangutan stage for me.... I was going to go all out! But for some reason the Ultra Blue failed miserably this time. I had it in my hair for 4 hours and my hair became dark brown with this odd patch of red in the back of my head. It was like a crop circle or something. I was a hair disaster and enlisted the aid of the other blonde Asian in my school. He used Pure White.

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