Born Blonde

Born Blonde is the product of the devil. Even the name is evil. Born Blonde? I'm Asian! Who would I be fooling? Anyway, I left it in my hair for 5 hours and it completely fried my beautiful locks. It didn't even make me blonde! In a panic, I called the Clairol hotline, where the man on the other line scoffed at me. "5 hours," he sneered. "You're not supposed to leave it in that long." Well how else was I supposed to be blonde! As for treating my ruined hair, his only expert advice was to buy more Clairol hair products. I was enraged! I bet even euro Vidal Sasson man could offer better advice! I didn't look like I was born blonde- I looked like I was born dry, damaged, fried, and orange. Beelzebub!

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