Lamar Latrelle, the total god of you

oh that lamar! one of the best known faggy ppl of all time. as an activist, champion javelin tosser, aerobiciser, rapper, and breakdancer he proves that a really faggy guy CAN have it all and not even have to TRY to act all straight.

you remember revenge of the nerds right? well watch it again, and think "who is the true hero, the true champion of the world?" it's LAMAR! first of all he gets the best wardrobe of the nerds. like ok, when they had that dance at the new lambda frathouse, lamar was the only one with a date - equals POPULAR. and not only that, but he wore my number one favorite party clothing.. the excitingly classy yet casual tuxedo t-shirt. hotness. and right after that we go and do a wardrobe change where the physically adept lamar dons army camoflauge to do a total i SPY on the sorority girls and effectively plants the surveillance camera in the girls' bedrooms, which was his gift of sex to his het nerd friends. so giving that lamar!

later on, in one of the most memorable moments of the film, lamar wins the javelin toss, beating out "thinks he's hotstuff" ted mcginley plus the rotc guys. cashing in on his natural limp wristed throwing style, the nerds devise a secret gay-powered javelin that thrives on fagginess. and as in all cases, his classiness wins! right on to the nerds, esp little wormser for treating gay little lamar as an asset, and cashing in on his queer talents to bring victory to our heroes.

and youd think that lamar had already done ENOUGH by this point, but AGAIN he pulls thru, leading a well-choreographed devo-esque technorap complete with rock steady breakin moves. at about this point in the movie i am gonna pee in my pants from excitement!! plus if you havent learned the rap yet, please download the quicktime and practice it. you will instantly become the most popular person around. and who will you have to thank?? well yes BLAIR, but more importantly you will go home and say a little prayer to all the queens who have made yr life the most incredible thing in the world. so clap yr hands everybody, and everybody clap yr hands.. right on!! lamar, you rule.

See yr hero in action!