hey freaks, wasup?
thanks for hanging in for the 4th issue of blair! this issue is known as "the black issue" cuz we're all into that goth vibe from watching the hit teen flick, the CRAFT! and while we're workin that badass witchipoo angle, we're still rockin out hardkore.

if you didnt think the previous issues were femme enough, we've added more girls to the staff, smuggled straight out of gURL magazine...the zine that we'd like to believe was inspired by US!!! heh.

and dont forget, blair depends on ideas from wacky folks such as yrself.. so why dont you drop us a line?

--richard and bryan

Sign of the Beast goes out to: the girls at gURL, mary clarke, charles runnette, nick perry, chip wass, michael economy, bob nickas, sean burke, peter cummings, carol kino, elise harris, armando rascon, wayne bremser, danny hobart, keva marie presley, and clea hantman.

Also: cyborganic.net, youth.org, JOURNAL skatezine, SLAP, Big Nurse zine, Rools like Ozzy, XY, next magazine, hotwheels zine, KOOL, Newport, Kamel, cassandra petersen, french twist, and the teenage witch movie of all time, the CRAFT.

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