Kamel Menthe

If you are a sucker for packaging, these are the menthols for you. I don't mean that in a bad way either. it's just that the package for these newcomers on the scene is SO hot! gorgeous graphics, and have you checked out the box?! it SLIDES out the side like a drawer, and your friends will think you are really really kool. in fact, if you open this in front of someone, most likely they will want to try opening and closing the box a few times themselves!

the cigarettes themselves have a gorgeous green band at the filter and green lettering with kamel with a K. very nice.

the first few drags are nice, but then i got a stomachache and didnt want anymore... but this coulda been from the polish sausage i had at the greenwich ave street fair. as we sat there on greenwich ave smoking these, a lady cop came by on an nypd moped and everyone started laughing for no good reason. something about methols DOES make you all silly and giggly!! the ads are totally true!

overall, the packaging gets like an A+, the cigarette itself is only ok. and if you are a stylish diesel-wearing hipster these might be the menthols for you.

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