KOOLs are the gangsta style methol for the hiphop nation. the logo is simple and the interlocked O's give it a very classy look like the interlocked C CHANEL label. how couture! also when you open them, the foil inside has a really great gothic lettered word PULL embossed on it. its really nice!

the cigarettes have the brown filter and right above that is a very skinny letter gatsby font KOOL in green. this adds more class to this class act cigarette.

they are also more mentholy than the Kamels. i felt like i was in the halls of medicine. and bryan claims the menthol makes you wanna inhale deeper cuz its like a breath of really fresh air. true! KOOLs are definitely good tasting, and are much cheaper than the other brands.

this is the choice menthol brand for old skool flava, and classy gangsta types.

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