Newports have an understated almost boring packaging, which is totally opposite of their exciting billboard ad campaign. i mean, those ads! they are so exciting.. and yet so bizarre. we really LOVE the ads.

the cigarettes have the green lettering as well, but the ink doesnt penetrate the cigarette paper as nicely, and it isnt as brilliant green as the others. also it is kinda lame looking in some bad font. hello mister newport! these cigarettes are dying for a makeover!

also disappointing was the smoking. less minty, and more harsh. they were unanimously the most disliked menthol of the bunch. really nasty! i mean, where was the fun?! where were the exciting sporty ladies doing krazee things? nah uh! they didnt even show up. i was personally a bit let down, cuz with such great ads, i expected more. but i guess the rule of thumb for menthols is that the cigarette is only as good as its packaging.

overall, newports proved the loser in all catagories except in its print ad. bryan said they taste like old man cigarettes. and i think these would be the menthol of choice for those who are highly influenced by billboard ads.. which apparently is a lot of ppl cuz i heard that newports were the #3 most popular cigarette in the country.

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