Lynda Barry: Funk Queen USA

how did your comic strip ernie pook get started, who is ernie pook, and what do you think of your fans cuz imagine a lot of them are somewhat spooky?


i'm realizing what a pervasive influence your writing has had on me. so i wanna know who are your influences.

i'm listening to HEART "bebe le strange" right now. do you like heart? what music is currently rocking your boat? are you scared of marilyn manson like i am? do you like the music of beck?

i heard rumors that you were gonna have a disney or mtv animated cartoon of your characters. was that true, and what happened?

what does "classy" mean to you?

what's your new novel about? and also, what other new projects have you got you eyes on?

pork versus chicken adobo, which camp do you belong to? and will you share your adobo recipe with us? also bryan wants to know your opinion on the other filipino debate, "long grain vs. calrose"?

i really liked your first novel, "the good times are killing me" and actually so did my friend kathy cuz she stole it but in the back there are the color plates of some portraits you did, and i was wonder if you also did the tin frames too? and geez, if so, what other hidden talents do you have?

do you read any zines? if so, which?

do you have any personal fashion fetish items?

one of the interesting things about you is that you seem to be very personal in your writing, yet you live a very private life. what do you attribute this to?

besides your well-known collection of voodoo dolls, what other kinda things do you collect?

i have always been impressed with your encyclopedic knowledge ofthe natural world. what are you reading/watching?

music seems to play a large role in your life. i know you play the accordian, but what other instruments do you play?

which do you think is worse, cathy cartoons or boynton?

which of the prince proteges do you like most? wendy/lisa, vanity, apollonia, sheila e?

we have a lot of young readers, teenage girls and gay kids. do you have any thoughts youd like to share with them?

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