Welcome to the Library of Blair!

Blair's Premier Issue:
Towa Tei, Free Kitten, summer vacation fashion spread, the Beadazzler, Parker Posey, Alien Workshop, a tribute to Sassy.

Blair Issue #2:
Pussycats Tura and Haji, Cute Skater Alert, V: the Visitors, Lacoste shirts, Blair Staff, Readers' Mail.

Blair Issue #3:
Pippi Longstocking, Gay or Eurotrash!, Cute Skater Jenny Kim, clarks wallabees rock out, how to robot dance, and more!

Blair Issue #4:
Lesbian or German Lady, the BLAIR skateteam, Elvira, blonde asian freaks, Lamar Latrelle, Angel vs Carrie, Menthol cigarettes..cure for the common cold?

Blair Issue #5:
Lynda Barry, WWF's GoldDust, Apollonia vs Vanity, New Balance Sneakers, barfout at the Fashion Cafe!

Blair Issue #6:
Carol Channing, CATS, pillowmaking, Wayland Flowers & Madame, and electric wheelchairs.

Blair Issue #7:
ye olde Renaissance Faire, goomiliation!, flashbucklers, He-man, Intl Male, Fantasy women, and Mars2112!

the lost issue of Sassy magazine. featuring: rupaul, veruca salt, thurston moore, jake of squirtTV, james iha, mayim bialik, evan dando, chloe sevigny, and joey ramone!