The Lips have great songs, but he really takes them into some sort of super-cyber-rock mode. Perhaps most intriguing is his obsession with Kim Deal. He's out of his mind. He has pictures of Kim all over his bass drum, and Kim written on his cymbals. He once came into the catering tent with Japanese lettering all over his arms and said: "You know what this says? Steven and Kim." He's had dreams about her for years, and when he found out the band was going on tour with the Breeders, his brain turned to guacamole. I told him that I was writing this article for Sassy, and he said, "Write about me and Kim." Even though she's engaged to another, it never seems to dampen his enthusiasm. The first time I talked to him about his obsession, he said, " You know when the Pixies were around or when the Breeders got together, didnt you totally have a crush on her?" "Yeah, uh, I used to have a crush on Tanya Donelly." He kind of got uptight. "No, c'mon! I mean didn't you totally have a crush on her." Ah! unrequited love.

Some other facts about the Lips: They had their own bubble machines and did awesome "unlikely" covers of A Flock o Seagulls' "Space Age Love Song" and Queen's "Under Pressure". On some days when the bubble machine blew right overhead, the weather was good, and they played "Halloween on the Barbary Coast", to quote Tommy Tune, "it was "spectacular."

The Second Stage also had "celebrity" guests. During the Lips set, Nick Cave and L7 made appearances, the Black Crowes played a set in Atlanta, Porno for Pyros played In Florida, and the Breeders and we both played sets featuring early songs and B sides. On the main stage, Courtney Love performed twice, doing "Miss World" and "Doll Parts" with just her and a guitar. Really minimal, but powerful and cathartic. page