On the last day of Lollapalooza, Mike D organized a go-cart race. Most of the bands were there: Mike from Green Day, Jennifer from L7, Kim and Josephine from the Breeders, and me from the Pumpkins, and the Beasties' friends and crew. I became a co-pilot with Max Perlich (famed character actor from Drugstore Cowboy and Cliffhanger) and everyone just sort of piled on all these carts and screamed and laughed. We drove around the concert site sort of aimlessly and found the indoor track and set up the race there. Max and I had the fastest cart, taking the lead, and after half a lap or so people started cutting across the track, signifying the end of the race and all sportsmanship. After that, all the carts began chasing each other with much alternative rock star exuberance, banging into each other like bumper cars, faking headon collisions. In one bad hit, Mike D was thrown from his cart (kinda like that guy in the Dinosaur Jr. video). Unscathed but intent on revenge, I believe he drove the culprits off the track, splashing them with water bottles. It would have been perfect for some sort of slow-motion montage commercial for Lollapalooza with the Breeders' "Cannonball" playing in the background. "In the shade, in the shade", cut to Jennifer and Mike laughing, hair flying in the breeze, cut to grainy black-and-white of AdRock commandeering the steering wheel, cut to Kim in slow motion, waving as the cart fades into the sunset. It would be sort of like that melodramatic Forrest Gump trailer.

Well, there were a lot of good things that happened, but I don't have space for them all: The Revival Tent, with great poets and writers like Liz Belile and Maggie Estep. The Tibetan Namgyal Monks, who opened up the Main Stage,and closed the Second Stage, also had an amazlng presence on the tour and were friendly and open minded, and played basketball extremely well. Other highllghts were, obviously, the Beastie Boys, who made it pretty hard to follow up every night with their mixture of hip hop, sexy slow jams and rock. They're also supernice, articulate, funny guys who have great people around them. I don't know, there's probably a lot I'm forgetting about the tour, but then again, I guess I'm trying to because we'd toured for 14 months straight. Overall, it was just great to have good bands and people around on an amazing bill. Years from now, people will kinda remember how the Pumpkins played with Beasties. Or was it Foghat with the Doobie Brothers?

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