Veruca Salt: Cosmetic Test Bunnies

I had planned on trying Body Shop Forest Jelly Bath Bubbles because the contents of the jar looked very green and fresh and gooey. But the "fragrance" was so overwhelmingly sickly-sweet and cloying that I panicked and scrambled to screw the lid back on as quickly as I could. It's just as well because it probably would have brought on a rash. Everything I ever put in my bathwater seems to. But even so, the Body Shop rules, because they invented Lipscuff, which exfoliates dry, chappy lips with a pebbly pumice-like balm.
Nina Gordon, guitars & vocals

I was especially psyched about Aveda Shave Emollient because of the wonderful scent: a mint-lavender smell vaguely reminiscent of Vicks VapoRub, which brought back fond memories of my childhood, when my younger sister Jennifer and I would sneak into the bathroom and eat some Vicks while my mom wasn't looking. Although the shave emollient didn't taste as great (I accidentally got some in my mouth), it did replace my usual shaving cream quite nicely. I must admit the fact that it's a lotion and not a cream is a little creepy at first, but ater shave number two, I was sold. And even though it doesn't rinse entirely clean from my face, it leaves little or no mess in the sink, for all you lazy types. Besides that, the downside of this product is heavily offset by its beautiful, lingering scent and the attractive container. Aveda seems to know what it takes to make waking up in the morning more of a joy.
Steve Lack, bass

Absorbine SuperPoo Conditioning Shampoo is intended for use on horses. Nonetheless, it makes for a pretty standard human shampoo experience: basically, lather and rinse. (The instructions don't tell you to repeat, which I guess is a fairly big-time commitment if you really are shampooing a horse.) Smells OK, lots of suds, hair feels and looks fine. I don't think Poo makes a very good suffix, but that could just be me.
Jim Shapiro, drums

It being the only lip paint I've ever tried, I can only say that Kiehl's Lip Paint rules. It goes on smoothly, stays on nicely. Good for any rock show (especially in Silver Shine, the shade I tried). The only catch is the sticky factor, which makes it not so good for kissing.
Louise Post, guitars & vocals

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